The world's oldest wooden objects

Contribute - FAQ

Can I also submit subfossile wood?

No, we like to document wood utilization linked to the cultural activity of human beings. Although finding the oldest existing piece of wood is an interesting task on its own, it's not the purpose of this website.

Who is allowed to contribute?

Everybody is allowed to contribute - the only limitation is that the object must have been dated with scientific methods. You can proof this by either submitting published datings or ask the acknowledged laboratory to submit the object resp. name the laboratory at the date annotation field.

I cannot press the submit button - is there a problem with the website?

Most likely not. You have to fill all the fields marked with an asterisk (*) with allowed values (as specified in the form). After that you should be able to press the submit button. If you still can't, please continue reading this FAQ or send us an email.

What is the difference between original location and current location?

Wooden objects can be movable goods. We're mainly interested in the origin of the object, the "original location", which is the place of construction or production. If the current location of the object happens to be another place, adding information about the "current location" (e.g. a museum etc.) can be valuable for a future reader.

I have additional information about the date accuracy - where to enter it?

Please enter every additional information regarding the dating into "Date annotation".

What file format to use for the image-uploads?

You can upload any image with these formats: ".png", ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".gif". Please be sure that the file size doesn't exceed 5MB and you don't violate any copyrights.

The marker on the map at the data entry form doesn't appear, what am I doing wrong?

Please enter the coordinates as decimal degrees (there shouldn't appear any symbols for ° degrees or ' minutes or " seconds, just a decimal number) in WGS84 projection with the decimal separator of your system language. If you have problems converting your data use any online conversion tool (e.g. this one) or send us an email.

I can't find the right object type for my object. What to do?

The fields in the section Object details are hierarchically organized. Each category only shows certail object types. Please browse all eligible categories - if we missed to implement something we're sorry. You can select "other" and specify the object type in the object annotation field or if you feel that the object type shoud be selectable please send us an email.

What are "Object annotations"?

You can add all additional information regarding your object, not fitting in any other field.

Explore - FAQ

How to use the table of the world's oldest wooden objects?

You don't see all available information at startup. By clicking on individual rows of the table you can open child rows with additional information and, if available, images of the object.

The radiocarbon dates always specify a range of years - how to filter these with the sliders?

If not the whole radiocarbon range is covered by your selected year range, then the entry doesn't appear in your subset.

How to use the map?

You can zoom in and out by sing your mouse-wheel, touchpad or the "+" and "-" buttons at the top left. You can click on the clusters to see the indiviual markers and click on the markers to see information regarding individual objects.

How to subset categories or dating methods?

At startup all categories and dating methods are active. You can subset the data by clicking on individual categories or dating methods and removing them by clicking the remove button on your keyboard. You can also add them again by clicking to the respective field and selecting the category or dating method of choice. The map as well as the table are automatically updated each time.

I downloaded the data but can't open it - is the file broken?

No, the data are provided as comma separated value (csv) files. These are plain text files with, what a surprise, columns separated by commas. You can open this file with almost every text editor or spreadsheet program (beside other software), please refer to the respective documentation of the program you are using.

Did you sort the entries in the table by date?

Yes, the entries are ordered by the first possible date of the object (think about date ranges for radocarbon dates) to be precise.